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"Providing Free Social and Medical Care: one person at a time"

Developing economies are challenged by extreme poverty, inadequate health systems, political and ethnic conflicts. Following careful consideration of the consequences that these challenges on vulnerable populations, the founders of PROFOH decided to create a new dimension in humanitarian and emergency deployment to provide vital social and health services in the shortest possible time. We began with close observation and conscientious analysis of the specific needs. We defined the scope and developed a work plan and a range of services tailored to address both social and medical issues.

Our primary goal is to respond to medical emergencies with swift and direct interventions. We began our mission in 1998 and till date, with the valuable help of sister and partner organizations such as the US-based Medical Mission International and Earthwide Surgical Foundation. We are proud to say that within its 15 years of humanitarian operations PROFOH has performed over 10,000 life–saving surgeries; immunized about 10,000 children against polio; several communities benefited from portable water and another 5,000 households from our safe water filters programs, we have awarded 42 local scholarships. At the same time more than 1.1 million outpatients have benefited from clinical consultations and treatments in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Tobago, Mexico, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc


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